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With respect to any such wall, each of the adjoining

Owners shall assume the burden and be entitled to the benefits recited in this Section 3.03, and the extent consistent. The general rules of law regarding common walls shall be applied.


B.      The Owners of contiguous Dwelling Units who have a common wall shall have reciprocal easements for support and an equal right to use such wall provided that such use by one Owner does not interfere with the use and enjoyment of same by the other Owner.


C.      Unless other provisions of this Section 3.03 are applicable, the costs of reasonable repair and maintenance of a common wall shall be shared equally by the Owners who make use of the common wall.


D.     In the event any common wall is damaged or destroyed through the acts of one adjoining Owner, or any of his guests or agents or members of his family (whether or not such act is negligent or otherwise culpable) so as to deprive the other Owner of the full use and enjoinment of such wall, then the first of such Owners shall forthwith proceed to rebuild and repair the same to as good condition as formerly without cost to the other Owner.


E.     In the event any common wall is damaged or destroyed by some cause other than the act of one of the adjoining Owners, his agents, guests or family (including ordinary wear and tear and deterioration from lapse of time) then in such event, both such adjoining Owners shall proceed forthwith to rebuild or repair the same to as good condition as formerly at their joint and equal expense.


F.     Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, there shall be no impairment of the structural integrity of any common wall without the prior consent of the Board. In addition to meeting the other requirements of these Restrictions and of any building code or similar regulation or ordinances, any owner proposing to modify, make additions to or rebuild his Dwelling Unit in any manner which requires the extension or other alteration of any common wall shall first obtain the written consent of the Board which shall determine the adjoining Owner’s preference concerning the proposed modification, extension or alteration of the common wall prior to giving any written consent thereto.


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